June 12, 2021

The market season has officially begun, and it’s like we were never gone!  (Some of us weren't!)

We are continuing to provide a hybrid market experience at Main Farmers’ Market, using Local Line for pre-orders, and bringing extra product on Saturday morning, for browsers or anyone who forgot to order!


You can also purchase those wonderful spice blends made by Thirteen:  A Social Enterprise on Local Line, and pick them up from Sweet Sigrid!  And just like last year, they will take my place at the market whenever I am away.  This unique program of the Parkdale Food Centre is open to youth looking for employment and skills development.  Please read more about them here:  https://13socialenterprise.com/pages/our-story

The market runs every Saturday morning, June through to the end of October.  Thanks for coming out and seeing what is new!

See you soon!