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About Sweet Sigrid

I love baking and sharing simple, Scandinavian-inspired sweets, made in small batches with lots of tasty ingredients.  Butter, cinnamon and cardamom figure prominently.

Sweet Sigrid Nordic Baking is a love letter to my Norwegian grandmother.  Sigrid Sophie Hansen came to Canada with her young family in 1928, from Oslo.  Grammy would make fresh cardamom bread for Christmas Eve, and I loved the goat's cheese - gjetost - she served with it!  So creamy, but salty at the same time, and it would stick to the roof of my mouth like peanut butter.  It was the only time of year we had it.  I remember her sugar cookies, too.  The simplest recipe ever and so good.  With every bite I'm transported!​

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Harald and Sigrid

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The Goodies

Here is a sampling of goodies I like to make.  Hover over each photo to read a description! 
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Contact me!

Think you might want a few dozen cinnamon buns for a family brunch?  Or a classic Scandinavian Celebration Cake?  Get in touch, and good things might happen!

Phone: 613-806-4800

Ottawa, Ontario


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Photos by D. Davies

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